Bangkok, Again

As with the majority of my trips it seems, this one also starts in Bangkok.  I could pretend that it’s just a particularly convenient travel hub with direct flights, cheap connections, easy visa facilities, and comfortable budget accommodation; but the more likely reason to start here is that I simply love this city.  Regardless of the surprising number of times I’ve been here. 

Yes, I might be well served by exploring other cities in the region, but I was also just well served by that thai massage I had, after lounging rooftop poolside, and eating that delicious street vendor pad thai that cost a dollar.  Starting in Bangkok also takes the potential for travel anxiety completely off the table.  I just spent a couple guilt-free hours relaxing, knowing that there aren’t any ‘must see’ sites here that I already haven’t seen.  Sure every city always a new area to explore, but weighing that against curing jetlag with a cold Big Chang and a new book and it becomes a pretty easy choice.

This trip is starting off as a bit of an odd one for me, and maybe the least defined of any I’ve ever taken.  Aside from my flight to Bangkok, it was only a few days before my arrival here that I figured out where I would be flying to next.  It’s also the first time I’ve left home without any guidebook, or having done any research.  I’m not sure if that’s brazen, or stupid.  Maybe both.  I’ve put so little effort and concern into planning this trip that after ‘finishing’ my packing in record time, I later realized that I hadn’t packed any shorts.  Or pants.   Now that I’m here, maybe I should be a little more serious about this…  It’s probably time to buy a photocopied version of a Lonely Planet travel guide from the street market.  God I love this place.